Workforce Matters members are welcome to join any of our Learning Networks, which are issue-specific communities of practice.  Our learning networks facilitate peer-to-peer networking and information exchange on topics of interest and develop in-person and virtual learning opportunities, such as site visits and webinars.  Each also has an online community on the platform.  

Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning

Do you have lessons learned from your own apprenticeship and work-based learning grants? Burning questions for other grantmakers? Ideas that you'd like to test out with peers? Join this learning community to learn more about best practices in apprenticeship and work-based learning.  Participate in site visits and webinars that highlight recent research and innovation.

Employer Practice

Do you make investments to inform, support, and guide employer practices related to preparing, hiring, onboarding, and advancing workers, particularly individuals who are underrepresented in their chosen fields or who face barriers to workforce success?  Join us to discuss the role of philanthropy in influencing or seeding employer practice change.

The Future of Work

Are you interested in how work is changing and the role of workforce development in preparing workers for these changes?  Would you like to help shape our offerings in this area? Join your peers to identify shared areas of interest, emerging research and practices in this area, and potential opportunities for partnership.

Racial Equity

How does workforce development intersect with racial equity? What are ways that workforce development can advance greater equity?  Join us as we continue to develop Workforce Matters' leadership in this area and create a supportive network that enables our members to learn about, pilot and share findings from efforts to advance racial equity through workforce grantmaking.

Immigrant Workforce Development

What are the opportunities and challenges that immigrants face in accessing workforce development programs and services? What do federal and state policies say? And what role can philanthropy play in creating greater access to and equity for immigrants in workforce services? Join members of Workforce Matters and Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees in this community to learn more!