Workforce Matters is seeking nominations for our steering committee for terms beginning January 1, 2020. We invite you to help us identify candidates who have a strong commitment to strengthening workforce development philanthropy and advancing equitable access to quality education and employment for young people and adults. Self-nominations and nominations of more than one candidate are welcome. The deadline for nominations is close of business on Thursday, November 21, 2019. 

The Workforce Matters steering committee is a collegial, active, and well-staffed body that provides input into the strategic priorities and direction of Workforce Matters.  The steering committee meets four times per year, including one in-person meeting. 

Steering committee members serve a two-year term and are eligible to serve multiple two year terms as long as they continue to meet eligibility criteria set forth in Workforce Matters’ by-laws, which includes making a fiscal contribution to support Workforce Matters that meets the minimum annual contribution threshold set by the steering committee. For 2020, the minimum contribution is $1,500.   

The composition of the steering committee reflects Workforce Matters’ commitment to all types of diversity and is driven by our strategic priorities, geographic targets, and organizational needs. 

For this call for nominations, Workforce Matters is seeking grantmakers who: 

  • Represent foundations located on the West, Southwestern, or Southeastern regions of the United States;
  • Bring expertise or grantmaking experience in workforce policy; race equity; apprenticeship and work-based learning; two-generation workforce strategies; immigrant workforce issues; working to change employer practices; job quality; or worker agency.
  • Have board experience and a commitment to raise funds to support Workforce Matters’ work. 

We actively encourage nominations of people of color as well as young and emerging professionals. 

For more information, please review Workforce Matters’ by-laws, as well as the current steering committee membership. Your nomination(s) can be submitted online