February 26, 2020

Don’t let your processes undermine your foundation’s ability to serve the public good. In our current climate, there has been an increase in distrust and criticism about the power philanthropy wields and how it uses or misuses it. In this timely session, we will share approaches that some funders are using to be more accountable, inclusive, and right the power balance in their relationships with grantees, applicants, and community stakeholders. From opening up the knowledge that they are learning, to organization-wide efforts to improve transparency, and creating mechanisms for feedback and participation, we will dig into a variety of practices that can serve as a model for others.

Attend this session to learn how the act of shining the light and illuminating your work can serve to lighten the load on you and others. Featuring case studies from Candid’s GlassPockets and GrantCraft platforms, we will highlight pain points in the field, and the funders who are working to overcome them through a commitment to transparency and openness. Learn how these funders are leading with values and illuminating what they stand for and how to work, influence, and partner with the foundation. Case examples will highlight best practices in participatory grantmaking, organizing and openly sharing knowledge, and transparency efforts that lead to greater accessibility, equity, and inclusion. Speakers include:

  • Janet Camarena, Director - Transparency Initiatives, Candid
  • Megan Morrison, Strategy and Learning Officer, Ford Foundation
  • Daphne Moore, Communications Director, Walton Family Foundation
  • Claire Peeps, Executive Director, The Durfee Foundation

This webinar is co-sponsored by Workforce Matters, Economic Opportunity Funders, and Candid.

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