Workforce Matters has partnered with Candid to improve and grow the data they collect about workforce development grantmaking so that our members – and their nonprofit partners - can gain new insights about the US education, training, and employment funding landscape.

Why It Matters

Candid – the nonprofit organization created by the merger of the Foundation Center and GuideStar – has a mission of getting you the information you need to do good.

In support of this mission, Candid maintains a searchable database of nonprofit and foundation profiles and tracks grantmaking activity based on publicly available information. But tax filing alone are not enough to answer your questions and the questions asked by our nonprofit field partners.

If we want to be well-informed, relevant, and responsive, we must have better data on which we can all rely–and it starts with organizations sharing as much current and complete data as possible.

Candid’s eReporting program allows funders to tell the story of their grantmaking quickly and easily. By participating in the eReporting program, you:

  • Take control of how your grantmaking is represented
  • Ensure the sector has the best information to act on
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability
  • Improve your organization’s internal data collection and management processes

How You Can Support this Effort

You can contribute to this work by sharing your data with Candid via their grants data template or by simply exporting the relevant fields from your own grants management software system. Candid's Software Partners page includes instructions for how to export data according to Candid’s format from several widely used systems.

Before you get started, please ensure that you have access to all of the required data elements (most of which would be included in your 990 grants list):

  • Recipient name
  • Recipient street address
  • Recipient city
  • Recipient state/province
  • Recipient country
  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Amount type (paid or authorized)
  • Fiscal year
  • Grant description

Candid’s grants data standard includes required, highly recommended, and optional fields, so we encourage you to review their detailed data submission instructions to decide which information you'd like to share:

Note: You may click here to see if your institution is currently a data sharing partner. 


If you need assistance figuring out how to submit your data, please contact Candid's Director of Partnerships, C. Davis Parchment, at

Accessing the Data

Candid’s data is available to both philanthropies and their nonprofit field partners via a variety of products. Workforce Matters subscribes to Candid’s Foundation Maps and can conduct custom searches to help our members learn about the funding landscape. Contact us to learn more.