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Membership in Workforce Matters is free! To join, all you need to do is subscribe to our email list by clicking here.

Workforce Matters offers three levels of membership:

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Basic Membership in Workforce Matters is free, and any qualified grantmaker who signs up for our email list is automatically added to our membership roster. Qualifying grantmakers include those who work for a private, independent, family, or corporate, foundation; a corporate giving program; a community foundation or other grantmaking public charity; operating foundations; funder collaboratives; giving circles; or a United Way. Individual philanthropists and trustees of philanthropic organizations are also eligible to join.

Guest Membership in Workforce Matters is also free, and granted to anyone who signs up for our email list but does not qualify for a Basic Membership.

Supporting Members make an annual financial contribution to support our programming and are also eligible to apply to serve on the Workforce Matters Steering Committee.


We offer a monthly Office Hours webinar to help orient new Basic and Supporting Members to Workforce Matters. Please contact us if you'd like to sign up.


Workforce Matters Steering Committee

Steering Committee members provide oversight and strategic direction for the activities of the Workforce Matters network. Steering Committee members are expected to be highly engaged and to provide additional support for the network in the form of one or more of the following:

  • Contributing volunteer time to the network, such as:
    • Serving on a Workforce Matters planning committee to help design programming and events
    • Facilitating webinars or discussions
    • Sharing your expertise and experience with other Workforce Matters members
    • Helping to recruit new members
    • Assisting with fundraising for Workforce Matters programming
  • Providing financial support* for Workforce Matters programming

Steering Committee members convene virtually 3-4 times each year and in-person once each spring for our Annual Meeting. Nominations for new members are accepted October-November of each calendar year and voted on by the Steering Committee. Members serve two-year terms.

* Recommended giving levels – which are sliding-scale based on member organizations’ workforce development grantmaking – are as follows: Annual grant budget of under $2M - $1,500; Between $2M-$5M - $3,000; Between $5M-$10M - $5,000; Between $10M-$15M - $10,000; Between $15M-$25M - $20,000; $25M+ - $25,000+.


Please contact us to learn more about becoming a Supporting Member or applying to serve on the Workforce Matters Steering commitee.

Thank you to our Supporting Members!