Economic Opportunity Funders (EOF) and Workforce Matters have partnered with Candid to gain real-time giving insights. Are you sharing your grant data with Candid? When you become part of the community of funders dedicated to sharing their data and telling their stories, you benefit the broader field of philanthropy locally, regionally, and globally. When you submit data in Candid’s Excel-based format, you’re also eligible for a map link of your data to be used internally or externally on your website.

During our June 14th Why & How to Share Your Grants Data with Candid introductory webinar, Candid staff broke down why and how to share grants data to tell your organization’s grantmaking story – from the issues you support to the populations you serve. They also guided funders through some of Candid’s resources where this data gets put to use to benefit the sector and share the latest updates. In addition, EOF provided some context around the possibilities of real-time giving insights and connecting the dots on the collective funding of our networks.

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