Career Academies and Real-World Learning Experiences
Thursday, November 21st 3 pm ET

Building on a site visit our Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning learning network made to the Racine Academies in May 2019, we’ve structured a follow-up learning opportunity for grantmakers interested in learning more about the Career Academy model.

High school Career Academies date back over forty years and there approximately 7,000 career academies in operation, enrolling an estimated one million students. Research by MDRC, Johns Hopkins, and UC Berkeley has demonstrated their impact on academic, economic, workforce development, and social outcomes.

Join Workforce Matters on November 21st to learn what workforce grantmakers need to know about the career academy model, how “real-world” learning experiences are integrated into career academy programming, and to explore some of the key lessons learned from implementation of this model across the country. We’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about the Ford NGL Career Academy model as one example and to hear from a fellow funder who is investing in the career academy approach. Our guests will include:

This webinar if free to join, but you must register in advance to participate:

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