Framework Cover

During the last four years, Workforce Matters has been supporting the funders in its network by providing capacity building support to address racial equity.

As the pandemic and then the uprisings unfolded in 2020, Workforce Matters convened 13 members to build on this foundation and develop concrete, equitable responses to both crises.

This framework is for funders. It is intended as a tool for self-reflection on our priorities and practices. As we drive toward equity in our actions, our investments, and in our language, we can use this framework to set goals and hold ourselves accountable. Funders can also use this framework as a tool to engage in learning, advocacy and change with partners in the workforce field, which include other funders, providers, employers, policymakers, and the people served by our grantmaking.

Workforce Matters recognizes that many grantmakers are already engaged in the challenging but rewarding work of addressing racial equity in their organizations and communities. We acknowledge that this framework will not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Workforce funders represent institutions varying in size and programmatic scope and addressing the needs of different commu- nities of workers, learners, and job candidates.

This framework offers many paths forward for advocacy and action on racial equity inside our organizations and beyond. Let’s see ourselves in this framework, identify levers we can pull or push, and take the personal and organizational risks to move toward greater equity.


Published January 2021