Happy New Year!

2023 was replete with major milestones and new endeavors for Workforce Matters, most notably:

  1. We launched our first ever pooled fund, the Fund for Workforce Equity which supported 15 organizations to center the voices and perspectives of workers and learners in their workforce programming. These grantees participated in a Learning Community, received one on one coaching and received technical assistance on Journey Mapping, Feedback Loops and Sharing Power. Throughout the course of the year, grantees adapted, adjusted and evolved their programming to meet the needs of the workers and learners their organizations support. Learn more about those grantees here
  1. We piloted a series of “Peer Learning Strategy Sessions” for our grantmaking members to learn from one another about new and innovative grantmaking strategies members were piloting or investing in.  These strategy sessions were time-bound and specifically focused on a topic of interest to our grantmakers. We are excited to offer another round of these sessions in 2024! 
  1. We hosted four quarterly policy calls with our federal partners at the Department of Labor (DOL) Employment and Training Agency (ETA). These calls provided updates on federal workforce efforts that were of relevance to our members. We’re looking forward to hosting more of these calls in 2024!
  1. We launched a series of webinars on understanding Workforce Development in Native Nations and Communities. These webinars provided a base of understanding for our members on Workforce Development in Native Nations and the role of Philanthropy.  At the end of 2023, we released the RFP for Workforce Grantmaking in Native Nations and Communities and we’re looking forward to selecting grantees and deepening this body of work in 2024!

As we move into 2024, we are excited to continue much of the work we launched and piloted last year, including:

  1. Hosting our second Further Together Conference in April 2024 with topics ranging from The Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Workforce Development to Understanding Targeted Grantmaking Strategies to advance equity. Make sure you register today and take advantage of our early bird rates! Early bird ends Jan. 31, 2024; 
  1. Implementing the Workforce Grantmaking in Native Nations and Communities in partnership with the Advisory Committee and the awarded Native-led workforce development organizations. Read here to learn more about this initiative; 
  1. Launching round 2 of the Fund for Workforce Equity in late Fall 2024. Sign up here to receive more information about the Fund for Workforce Equity; 
  1. Launching another round of the “Peer Learning Strategy Sessions” for funders and grantmakers who are testing and piloting new strategies and/or interested in brainstorming grantmaking strategies with their peers. Stay tuned for more information about these sessions! 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a new year, new goals and new initiatives, we hope you take intentional time this year to learn, grow, rest and center joy in your lives! We are grateful for the continued support and the ongoing opportunities to provide our members with programming that meets their needs, expands their thinking and most importantly, moves us all closer to a more equitable and just society. 

Yours in Partnership, 

Loh-Sze Leung and Clair Minson 

Co-Directors, Workforce Matters 

Happy New Year!