You asked and we listened: In 2022, Workforce Matters will be releasing a new Workforce Grantmakers Directory to help you find - and connect! - with peer grantmakers who share your interests.

You must opt in to have your information included in the directory + receive your free copy. 

If you'd like to participate, please click on the button below to submit your Member Profile information:

2022 Workforce Grantmakers Directory FAQ

Who will be included in the Directory?

Basic and Supporting members of Workforce Matters who opt in.

Who is considered a Workforce Matters "Member"?

If you're receiving this message, you're considered a Member!

A Basic membership in the Workforce Matters funders network is free; Supporting members provide a financial contribution to support our work. Any qualifying grantmaker who has participated in a Workforce Matters program, attended one of our events, or subscribed to our newsletter is automatically considered a Basic member of Workforce Matters.

Who will have access to the Directory?

The Directory will only be made available to Workforce Matters Basic and Supporting Members and will not be available to the broader public. Individuals who opt in will automatically receive a PDF copy of the 2022 Workforce Grantmakers Directory via email early in the new year.

What information will be included in the directory?

Your information will appear in the Directory as it appears above.

How do I opt out?

Only individuals who opt in will be included in the Directory. If you would prefer not to have your information included in the Directory, you do not need to take any further action.

What if I want to opt out but I still need to update my Member Profile?

Please send us an email with your updates and we'll get it taken care of.